Enabling Children’s Well-Being

Enabling Children’s Well-Being

CASA/GAL volunteers give vulnerable children an opportunity to thrive.

Our Impact

Our work helps children as they grow

Children’s well-being includes the characteristics and skills that enable them to understand and navigate the world in a healthy, positive way. Well-being is related to children’s physical health and their social, behavioral and emotional functioning.

  • CASA volunteers model positive interactions with children.
  • They identify, recommend and ensure children receive the services that will support their growth.

CASA volunteers support young children’s development.

Early trauma can have a dramatic and lasting impact on children, including an increased risk of having developmental, emotional or behavioral problems.

For infants and young children, a strong, nurturing and consistent relationship to caregivers is key to healthy development.

CASA volunteers work to ensure that all children are in placements with loving, consistent caregivers, and help create a network of support for those caregivers.

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We enable school-aged children to succeed.

CASA volunteers advocate for appropriate educational placement and services. Children in foster care are more likely to struggle academically. They are also more likely to be identified as having a disability.

Beyond academics, children in foster care need opportunities to experience the same kinds of activities that others their age do.

These children want to lead normal lives.

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Our volunteers help older youth prepare for independence.

Youth aging out of foster care without having reached a permanent home face particular challenges. Many must depend fully on themselves, but also often lack the preparation others their age have had for independent living.

  • CASA volunteers help older youth reach permanent homes.
  • They advocate that youth complete high school.
  • Advocates help youth set and achieve post-secondary and career training goals.

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